Annual Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research

Industry Sessions

A programme of eighteen Industry Sponsored Symposia will be available to all participants at the EACR 2023 Congress. This page provides links for the companies taking part as well as their talk titles and when/where you can join them in Torino.

Quick links to Industry Symposia details:


10x Genomics | Wed 14 June, 13:30 - 14:15 (Room 2) 
'Gain a multi-dimensional view of cancer with 10x Genomics single cell 
and spatial transciptomics methods' 

Introduction: Abbey Cutchin, 10x Genomics, USA
Part 1: 'Mapping spatial heterogeneity of stroma in breast cancer'
Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou - Institut Curie, France 
Part 2: 'Spatial Transcriptomics in Oncology: from Knowledge to Applications'
Manel Esteller - Fundacio Institut Recerca Leucemia Josep Carreras, Spain    

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Akoya Biosciences | Wed 14 June, 13:30 - 14:15 (Room Azzurra)
'Spatial Biology - Uncovering New Insights in Tumour Progression and Treatment Response'

Introduction: David Coulson, UK
Speaker: Oliver Braubach - Akoya Biosciences, USA

Visit Akoya Biosciences reps at stand 5!

Arima Genomics | Wed 14 June, 08:30 - 09:15 (Room 2)
'Unveiling the Power of 3D Genomics: Decoding Extreme Structural Heterogeneity in Glioblastoma for Personalized Cancer Research'

Speakers: Argyris Papantonis, PhD (University of Goettingen, Germany) and Kristin Sikkink, PhD (Arima Genomics, UK)

Visit Arima Genomics reps at stand 61!

Bionano | Wed 14 June, 08:30 - 09:15 (Room Azzurra)
'Cancer cytogenomics and beyond: diverse OGM applications including gene editing'

Introduction: Alessio Venier - Bionano, Italy
Part 1: 'Cancer cytogenomics and beyond: diverse OGM applications including gene editing'
Alessio Venier - Bionano, Italy
Part 2: 'Complex rearrangement patterns in Ewing sarcoma associate with poor clinical outcome'
Juan Díaz Martín - Spain
Part 3: 'Characterization of Homologous Recombination Deficiency (HRD) across Breast tumor samples, and stratification of cases based on HRD status'
Marc-Henri Stern - Institute Curis, France 

Visit Bionano reps at stand 54!

Bio-Rad Laboratories | Tue 13 June, 14:30 - 15:15 (Room 2)
'Molecular and Genetic Characterization of Cancers of Unknown Primary: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications'

Speaker: Manuela Ferracin - Italy 

Visit Bio-Rad Laboratories reps at stand 80! 

Bio-Techne | Tue 13 June, 08:30 - 09:15 (Room Azzurra) 
Room Azzurra: 'RNAscope and Hiplex for Cancer Research' 

Speakers unknown 

Visit Bio-Techne reps at stand 81!

Cell Signaling Technology | Wed 14 June, 14:30 - 15:15 (Room Azzurra)
'Anti-CAR Linker Monocolonal Antibodies: Versatile Tools for Detection, Activation'

Overview of autologous CAR-T therapy workflow
Overview of CAR structure and function
Assays for characterization of CAR-engineered cells
User of anti-CAR linker antibodies to monitor surface expression of CARs
Use of anti-CAR linker antibodies to purify CAR-expressing cells
Utility in activating G4S linker-containing CARs

Speakers unknown

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Illumina | Tue 13 June, 14:30 - 15:15 (Room Azzurra)
'Exploring Microbiomes and Cancer Immunology'

Part 1: 'Uniting 'Omics' applications to study Cancer and Immunology'
Sujash Chatterjee - Illumina, USA
Part 2: 'The microbiota in cancer progression and treatment'
Maria Rescigno - Humanitas University, Italy

Visit Illumina reps at stand 13!

Lunaphore Technologies | Mon 12 June, 12:15 - 13:00 (Room 2)
'Multiplex immunofluorescence as a tool to explore spatial immune landscape across liver diseases'

Introduction: Pamela Pulimeno - Lunaphore, Switzerland
Part 1: 'Case study: Hebatoblastoma microenvironment and underlying cellular interactions'
 Aurore Pire - Centre de recherche des cordeliers, France 
Part 2: 'The emerging role of immunogenic cell deaths in the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease'
 Amine Madji - France

Visit Lunaphore Technologies reps at stand 77!

MGI Tech | Mon 12 June, 13:15 - 14:00 (Room Azzurra)
'DNBseq technology and SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-Sequencing - new frontiers of spatial transcriptomics for Oncology'

Introduction: Helder Barbosa - MGI Tech, Spain
Part 1: 'State of the art patented DNBSEQ technology and oncology applications in NGS'
Bernard Okere - Italy
Part 2: 'Stereo-seq: Large Field of View-Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics at Nanoscale Resolution'
Jia Hui Khoo, China

Visit MGI Tech reps at stand 64!

Miltenyi Biotec | Tue 13 June, 08:30 - 09:15 (Room 2)
'From Single Cells to Tumor Complexity'

Introduction: Ruben Beuk - Miltenyi Biotec, Germany
Part 1: 'Deciphering the determinants of immunotherapy response in 'hot' tumor microenvironments'
Marcella Tazzari - Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (IRST), Italy 
Part 2: 'Visualizing Cancer - From Functional Phenotyping to Precision Immunotherapy'
Sophia Scheuermann - University Children's Hospital Tübingen, Germany

Visit Miltenyi Biotec reps at stand 78!

NanoString Technologies | Mon 12 June, 12:15 - 13:00 (Room Azzurra) 
Room Azzurra: 'Leveraging the power of Spatial Biology to Advance the Frontiers of Cancer Research'

Introduction: Agnese Winfield - NanoString Technologies, UK
Part 1: 'Spatial Biology Roadmap: from tissue Digital Spatial Profiling to Single Cell Spatial Molecular Imaging'
Anthony Zucca - NanoString Technologies, UK
Part 2: 'Spatial transcriptomics for characterisation of advanced cancer models'
Susan Heavey - University College London, UK

Visit NanoString Technologies reps at stand 3!

QIAGEN | Tue 13 June, 13:30 - 14:15 (Room Azzurra)
Room Azzurra: 'Comparison of two digital PCR systems for the analysis of liquid biopsy samples of patients affected by lung and colorectal cancer'

Speaker: Stefania Crucitta - Unit of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics, Italy

Visit QIAGEN reps at stand 20!

Singleron Biotechechnologies | Mon 12 June, 13:15 - 14:00 (Room 2)
'Single cell multi-omics: A new dimension in cancer research'

Part 1: 'Singleron's advanced technology for single cell sequencing'
Katarina Pankova - Slovakia
Part 2: 'Targeting the metabolic plasticity in PDAC'
Canan Arkan - George-Speyer-Haus, Germany

Visit Singleron Biotechnologies reps at stand 56!

Standard BioTools | Tue 13 June, 13:30 - 14:15 (Room 2)
'Exploiting mass cytometry for the immunophenotyping and the spatial inter- and intra-tumour heterogeneity of paediatric-type diffuse high-grade gliomas'

Introduction: Roberto Spada - Standard BioTools, France
Speaker: Maria Vinci - Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, Italy

Visit Standard BioTools reps at stand 21!

Takara Bio Europe | Wed 14 June, 14:30 - 15:15 (Room 2)
'Advanced Solutions for Translational Cancer Research: from Discovery to Therapy'

Speaker 1: Mattieu Pesant - Takara Bio Europe, France
Speaker 2: Karthi Rajamani - Takara Bio Europe, France

Visit Takara Bio Europe reps at stand 97!


Room Azzurra Room 2

NanoString Technologies
Mon 12 June | 12:15 - 13:00

Lunaphore Technologies
Mon 12 June | 12:15 - 13:00

MGI Tech
Mon 12 June | 13:15 - 14:00

Singleron Biotechnologies
Mon 12 June | 13:15 - 14:00

Tue 13 June | 08:30 - 09:15

Miltenyi Biotec
Tue 13 June | 08:30 - 09:15

Tue 13 June | 13:30 - 14:15

Standard BioTools
Tue 13 June | 13:30 - 14:15

Tue 13 June | 14:30 - 15:15

Bio-Rad Laboratories
Tue 13 June | 14:30 - 15:15

Wed 14 June | 08:30 - 09:15

Arima Genomics
Wed 14 June | 08:30 - 09:15

Akoya Biosciences 
Wed 14 June | 13:30 - 14:15

10x Genomics
Wed 14 June | 13:30 - 14:15

Cell Signaling Technology
Wed 14 June | 14:30 - 15:15

Takara Bio Europe
Wed 14 June | 14:30 - 15:15

Five 15-minute industry spotlights will also take place within the exhibition during the coffee breaks and Poster Sessions:

Tue 13 June

Wed 14 June

11:15 - 11:30

11:15 - 11:30

NanoString Technologies
17:00 - 17:15

17:00 - 17:15

Sartorius Lab Instruments
17:15 - 17:30



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